Testimonial – Pat Chrysler

I have personally been a real estate agent for 18 years and Mike is by far the most thorough inspector that my clients have ever used.

Mike is experienced, trained and very professional in his demeanor and communication with all parties. Mike’s inspection reports have color photos and an easy to understand narrative style. This helps in the negotiation process, proving to the seller that the issue is in fact a real issue that needs to be repaired. The professional report and detailed photos also helps insure that the buyer knows that the home was thoroughly inspected, provides credibility to all parties involved and helps ensure that no major issues develop with the home after closing causing unexpected financial hardship to the new home owner.

Mike encourages buyer(s) and their agent to personally attend the inspection. While on the site, he points out to the buyer and their agent the things he has found in the home that needs some attention, or he will teach the buyer how to use a particular appliance or which way to turn the water on and off.

I have had MANY MANY very satisfied buyers and highly recommend Mike’s services.

– Patricia K. Chrysler
ReMax Unlimited