Testimonial – S & M Wyoming

Mike, thanks for your thorough and detailed report.  We have bought and sold five houses over the past 14 years…your attention to detail as well as your presentation of findings is the by far the best we have received.  Thank you, much appreciated.

 S & M

Testimonial – K & B From Loveland

K&B from Loveland – March 2013

“I wanted to let you know that we were very impressed with your
professionalism and the thoroughness of your work.  It gives us such a
clearer picture of the property we are interested in as well as a good punch
list of items needing attention.  Usually pictures are worth a lot but I
also appreciate the comments in the report as well.”

Testimonial – “B” from Loveland

March 2013
Thank you for your time and the very thorough inspection report that you provided. Your descriptions and findings were great and we feel comfortable that you did the inspection and didnt miss anything. We are going back to them with things today (windows, doors, mold, water pressure etc) as some of the main things and we’ll see what they say. I’m sure they wont like the windows!
We’ll keep you in mind if we have any friends that move and need an inspection.

Testimonial – Mark from Mason

Smart Move Inspections, Inc., was recommended by a good friend of mine that recently sold his house.  I mentioned to him I was selling one home and purchasing another and he commented ‘I hope your buyer doesn’t get Smart Move Inspections to do your inspection, they did the one on the last home I sold and they were TOUGH’, so I thought that should be the people I hire. They were timely, although we had just had a huge snow storm.  The bad weather did not phase them in their diligence to provide an excellent inspection and report. With the documentation and professional presentation that Smart Move Inspections provided,  I was able to get the builder  to take care of thousands of dollars in repairs.
-Mark C from Mason




Testimonial – TK Cincinnati

March 2013
Thanks for the great report… as I told Laura, it was like a horror movie, both terrifying and intriguing at the same time ….
Your info and recommendations are great, and, I have to say, your photos are as close to revealing an alien science experiment or the “Andromeda Strain” or Jimmy Hoffa’s final resting place as one could hope to achieve….
-Much Thanks… TK

Testimonial – Mary Hyde Park

Excellent experience. Prompt, courteous service from the initial phone contact all the way through to the written report. Tremendous value – saved us thousands by uncovering needed repairs. Without a doubt the most thorough, professional home inspection I have experienced. A refreshing experience in an age where many “handymen” pose as home inspectors.

-Mary C, Hyde Park

Testimonial – Karen Young

Mike Connolly is one of the finest whole house inspectors I have had the pleasure of using for buyers and sellers in my 20 years as a real estate agent.

He does a complete and thorough inspection and I have recommended hi to well over 100 buyers and in some cases the sellers thought he was so good – they used him for their own purchase!  I also used mIke when I purchased my personal home.  He is honest and dependable and he would be a an asset to any home buyer.

-Karen Young
Sales Executive, Huff Realty

Testimonial – Joe Mock

I have utilized Smart Move Inspections, Inc.  for over seven years and have never been disappointed. I say this from both my perspective as a full time Realtor and from the point of view of my clients, the homebuyers themselves. In the multitude of time I have procured the services of Mike at Smart Move Inspections for my clients they have all been satisfied and rated Mike and his performance what I would term “Top Block Satisfaction”. Believe me, I would not continue to recommend Mike and Smart Move Inspections if this were not the case…. I have endless options available to me for my buyers.

Mike is always through, professional and extremely competent. He communicates well with all types of buyers and his reports are both easy to read and reference, yet at the same time incredibly in depth with accompanying photographs and documentation.

-Joe Mock

Testimonial – Ann Keller

I have known Michael Connolly and Smart Move Inspections, Inc.  since 1996 and he has done an exceptional job for my buyers and sellers on 75 transactions. If there is a problem at the inspection, he can show the buyers the pictures taken of the issues and is able to accurately describe the issue and possible solutions. The photographs are extremely useful when working for my buyers and the seller say “there is nothing wrong with our house”. Pictures don’t lie !

I have found Michael’s character to be impeccable. He is always on time, pretty fantastic in our 12 year relationship. He is totally objectionable and is just as tough on me no matter which side of the transaction I am on (Listing or Selling Agent).

-Ann C. Keller Licensed since 1973
Circle of Excellence