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A big decision has been made… to sell your home. You want everything to go smoothly and quickly. Of course you hire the most qualified Realtor who can provide excellent marketing and sell you house for the maximum price in the minium amount of time. However, looking down the road in the process, eventually the home will come under contract. When it does, there is a strong likelyhood that the new buyers will request a home inspection. A home inspector working for the buyers will visit the home and evaluate and report on its condition. This is where it can all go terribly wrong for a seller. The inspector may find issues with the home which significantly effect the buyers descision to buy the house or cause him to want to renegotiate the contract. The buyer may even ask to be released from the purchase contract wasting your time and effectively have taken your property off the market for some time.

It would be ideal to have you home inspected by a qualified reputable inspector before placing it on the market. Armed with the knowledge of the true condition of your home, you can decide what repairs need to be completed before marketing the home. Many times buyers decide not to address issues but to price their house accordingly. For instance, if a home has a roof which is very close to the end of its life cycle, the buyer may decide to simply price the home a little lower on the market taking into account the condition of the roof. Likewise, when the buyer agrees to purchase the home, they will do so knowing the condition of the roof and will have some difficulty negotiating a new roof once the purchase agreement is signed.  Armed with a detailed inspection report and an inspector who works for you the seller you will have the factual condition of the home and be able to negotiate from a position of strength.

Due to the importance of the home inspection, it is necessary to obtain the services of the best inspector. The fee you pay for the inspection should not be as important as the qualifications of the inspector. The inspector should be experienced with over 15 years of actual home inspection practice (not life experience) and holds professional designations (not one he purchased online for $199). Furthermore, the inspector should have a reputation of competence within the real estate community. This experience backed by a thourough narrative style inspection report (not a computer generated check list) will ensure you have all the facts concerning the condition of the home and the report will have the weight of experience and professionalism so no one can question its accuracy.

When you hire Smart Move Inspections, you are retaining the services of Michael Connolly, ACI.  Mr. Connolly has 19 years experience as a full time home inspector inthe Cincinnati area…

Michael Connelly 49it is all  he  does. Michael Connolly, CI has earned the highest certification available from the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). His reputation is well known throughout the real estate community  as a qualified home inspector with a natural talent for inspections. He has completed over 9,000 home inspections, provided court testimony, lectured and trained other home inspectors and Realtors® and is a nationally published columnist on home inspection issues. Michael Connolly, ACI combines his talent, professionalism and expert reporting skills to provide his clients the  necessary knowledge to make an informed decision. Smart Move Inspections service fees generally tend to be higher than other inspection companies. However, they are in line with   the level and  quality of service that is provided. Never, has one of our clients been dissatisfied with the level of service provided.


Smart Move Inspections, Inc. provides out clients with the exclusive “Picture Perfect Inspection” report. This report includes a narrative report which is electronically available to the client within  24 hours of the inspection. Besides a description of the systems and construction as well as any deficiencies, the report is complemented by digital photographs of all inspected areas and items of concern. These photos will help to illustrate the deficiencies in the home and provides unimpeachable proof of a defect. These photos are of prime importance in documenting areas a client or home owner may not be able to see, such as on the roof, in the attic or inside and electrical panel.

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