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You have guided your clients through the home buying process and now are at the critical juncture where your clients retain the services of a professional home inspector. While the choice of a home inspection company is ultimately the clients… many need some guidance as to how to choose the best inspection company to suit their needs. As a professional Realtor, you can provide informative information to help the home buyer identify the professional  home inspector best suited to their needs.

A home inspection company is not best suited to all types of properties which may be sold in the Cincinnati area. Some inspectors are especially informative and take the time to explain issues and home condition to the buyers. This may be especially important for first time home buyers. Other inspectors may be much more technically competent and shun buyers when they ask simple questions about their new home. These inspectors may be best suited to homes which have technical issues such as foundation cracks, mold or electrical issues. Some report formats are so basic that the inspectors must insist on the clients being present at the inspection so they can verbally cover the condition of the home. Other inspectors take many photographs and use a narrative inspection report which is so detailed a client can accurately understand the condition of the home even if he cannot attend the inspection.  A client should be encouraged to call the inspector and interview them concering their inspection and reporting process and if the inspector will explain not only the observed defiecencies in the home but also the operation and maintance of  important electical and mechanical systems.

Of course no matter who they choose, the inspector should be experienced (recommend someone with over 15 years of actual full time inspection experience… not life experience as we all have that). This inspector should hold a professional designation such as a ASHI Certified Inspector (ACI) from the American Society of Home Inspectors ASHI (not one he purchased online for $199).  A good inspector should also have a reputation of competence within the real estate community.

Due to the importance of the home inspection, it is necessary to obtain the services of the best inspector. The fee the client pays for the inspection should not be as important as the qualifications of the inspector.

When your clients retains Smart Move Inspections, they are retaining the services of Michael Connolly, ACI. Mr. Connolly, CI has 19 years experience as a full time home inspector in the Cincinnati area… it is all he does. Michael Connolly, ACI has earned the “Certified Inspector” designation from the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). His reputation is well known throughout the real estate community as a qualified home inspector with a natural talent for inspections. He has completed over 8,000 home inspections, provided court testimony, lectured and trained other home inspectors and realtors and is a nationally published columnist on home inspection issues. Michael Connolly, CI combines his talent, professionalism and expert reporting skills to provide his clients the necessary knowledge to make an informed decision. Smart Move Inspections service fees generally tend to be higher than other inspection companies. However, they are in line with the level and quality of service that is provided. Never, has one of our clients been dissatisfied with the level of service provided.

Smart Move Inspections, Inc. provides out clients with the exclusive “Picture Perfect Inspection” report. This report includes a narrative report which is electronically available to the client within 24 hours of the inspection. Besides a description of the systems and construction as well as any deficiencies, the report is complemented by digital photographs of all inspected areas and items of concern. These photos will help to illustrate the deficiencies in the home and provides unimpeachable proof of a defect. These photos are of prime importance in documenting areas a client or home owner may not be able to see, such as on the roof, in the attic or inside and electrical panel.

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