Education Record

Michael Connolly Licensed Home Inspector OHI2019004057

Course DateCourse DescriptionCourse LocationHoursTotal Hours
10/1/2022Importance of Inspection ContractsFrankfort KY2761
10/1/2022Plumbing BasicsFrankfort KY3759
9/30/2022Residential Roof InspectionsFrankfort KY3756
9/30/2022Inspection MarketingFrankfort KY3753
3/4/2022EIFS, Stucco and Stone VeneersFrankfort KY3750
3/4/2022History of Residential ConstructionFrankfort KY3747
2/18/2022Inspecting Fireplaces, Stoves & ChimneysOnline4744
1/11/2022Residential Plumbing Overview for Inspectors CourseOnline740
9/24/2021Chimneys and FireplacesFrankfort KY3740
9/24/2021Visual Inspection of Fiber Cement SidingFrankfort KY3740
9/24/2021Crawl Space InspectionsFrankfort KY2740
9/24/2021Report WritingFrankfort KY3740
9/24/2021Moisture IntrusionFrankfort KY3740
8/25/2021Ohio Code of Ethics and Standards of PracticeOnline2740
3/6/2021Core Law – Understanding KY HI LawsFrankfort, KY3740
3/6/2021Defensive Report WritingCapital Plaza Hotel Frankfort, KY3740
3/6/2021Structure InspectionsCapital Plaza Hotel Frankfort, KY2740
3/5/2021Fun with FittingsCapital Plaza Hotel Frankfort, KY3740
3/5/2021Its A GasCapital Plaza Hotel Frankfort, KY3740
3/7/2020120 Things Every Inspector Should KnowCapital Plaza Frankfort KY3740
3/7/2020Residential Roof Inspection ProcessCapital Plaza Frankfort KY3740
3/6/2020Report WritingCapital Plaza Frankfort KY3740
3/6/2020Air Conditioners & Heat PumpsCapital Plaza Frankfort KY3740
3/6/2020Tools of the Home Inspection TradeCapital Plaza Frankfort KY2740
09/27/2019Electrical Systems Theory & ApplicationFrankfort KY3 hours740
09/27/2019Septic SystemFrankfort KY3 hours740
09/26/2019Certified Residential ThermographerFrankfort KY8 hours740
9/8/2019Peer Review OH SO ASHIAmerican Legion Mt. Healthy4740
3/08/2019301 -The Bus Stops HereKREIA Frankfort KY3740
3/08/2019210 – Home Inspection Business PracticeKREIA Frankfort KY3740
3/08/2019What They Did Not Teach You In Home Inspection SchoolKREIA Frankfort KY3740
3/07/2019Report Writing Tap InspectKREIA Frankfort KY3740
2/23/2019Peer ReviewAmerican Legion Mt. Healthy4740
2/23/2019Profit SolutionsAmerican Legion Mt. Healthy4740
9/28/2018Report WritingKREIA Capital Plaza Frankfort KY3740
9/28/2018Vinyl SidingKREIA Capital Plaza Frankfort KY3740
9/28/2018Structural Foundation DefectsKREIA Capital Plaza Frankfort KY2740
9/08/2018OH SO ASHI Peer ReviewEllen Avenue5740
9/08/2018OH SO ASHI Dryer Vent SafetyAmerican Legion Hall Mt.Healthy, OH2740
3/2/2018DOING DECKSFrankfort KY KREIA3740
3/2/2018Inspector SafetyFrankfort KY KREIA2740
2/17/2018Cement Based SidingAmerican Legion Mt. Healthy OHSO 8740
11/6/2017Inter Nachi Code of EthicsOn-lIne1740
9/22/2017Report WritingKREIA3740
9/22/2017Managing Client Inspection ExpectationsKREIA1740
9/22/2017I ve Never seen that before.KREIA1740
9/22/2017Basic ElectricalKREIA3740
5/13/2017OH SO ASHI Peer ReviewCincinnati5740
3/10/2017Cement Based SIdingsCapital Plaza Frankfort KY2740
3/10/2017Inspection & Development of Modern Plumbing SystemsCapital Plaza Frankfort KY3740
3/10/2017Moisture IntrusionCapital Plaza Frankfort KY3740
2/26/2017Electric, HVAC & ChimneyDoubletree Hotel16740
1/10/2017Commercial Property Inspection Prerequisite CourseOnline8740
11/10/2016NHIE Review CourseDouble Tree Hotel Blue Ash8740
9/23/2016MANAGING CLIENT EXPECTATIONSCapital Plaza Frankfort1740
9/23/2016Insulation and Interior InspectionsCapital Plaza Frankfort2740
9/23/2016Introduction to PreDrywall InspectionsCapital Plaza Frankfort3740
3/11/2016Chimneys, Fireplaces & WoodstovesCapital Plaza Frankfort KY3740
3/11/2016Chimney PhysicsCapital Plaza Frankfort KY3740
3/11/2016Cement Based SIdingsCapital Plaza Frankfort KY2740
3/9/2016Certified Residential ThermographerFrankfort KY16740
11/11/2015STS Contractor (private waste systems)Wiseway Supply6740
11/7/2015Ladder SafetyOnline1740
11/7/2015Roof Data TechnicianOnline2740
10/2/2015Driveway PResentationKREIA Frankfort KY1740
10/2/2015I Have Never Seen That BeforeKREIA Frankfort KY1740
10/2/2015Report Writing BlueprintKREIA Frankfort KY2740
10/2/2015203K Consulting FHA Defect RecognitionKREIA Frankfort KY3740
3/14/2015Doing DecksKREIA Frankfort KY3740
3/14/2015What They Did Not Teach You in Home Inspection SchoolKREIA Frankfort KY3740
3/13/2015Exceptional ReportingKREIA Frankfort KY3740
3/13/2015Structural Building AssesmentKREIA Frankfort KY3740
3/13/2015Its A GasKREIA Frankfort KY2740
9/27/2014Inspecting Antique & Historic HomesKREIA Frankfort KY3740
9/27/2014Typical Structural Foundation ProblemsKREIA Frankfort KY3740
9/26/2014Kentucky Law Mock TrialKREIA Frankfort KY3740
9/26/2014Communication & Professional PracticeKREIA Frankfort KY3740
9/26/2014Masonry & Concrete Problems in HomesKREIA Frankfort KY2740
8/18/2014Inspecting HVAC SystemsOnline12740
04/30/2014Aluminum WiringCincinnati State2740
11/14/2013FoundationsCincinnati State2740
4/25/2013ASHI Cincinnati Meeting 2.5740
4/25/2013HVAC Cincinnati State2740
3/09/2013Surface Water Control & Moisture IntrusionKREIA Spring 20133740
3/09/2013Inspection Standards of ConductKREIA Spring 20133740
3/09/2013Insulaton & Interior InspectionKREIA Spring 20133740
3/09/2013Manufactured HousingKREIA Spring 20133740
3/08/2013Venting & ChimneysKREIA Spring 20132740
3/02/2013Advanced Mold Inspection TrainingOnLine InterNachi12740
2/8/2013Deck Inspections3740
2/8/2013Structural Course4740
2/6/2013Standards Of Practice3740
1/31/2013OHIO WDI Pest ControlDayton Convention Center5740
1/14/2013Safe Practices for Home Inspector4740
1/14/2013Customer Service & Communication4740
1/8/201325 Standards Every Inspector should know5740
1/8/2013Exterior Inspections16740
12/15/2012Radon Rules 2013UC Blue Ash Ohio740
10/20/2012Commercial Building InspectionChicago24740
9/28/2012Older Home InspectionsKREIA Fall 20123740
9/28/2012MarketingKREIA Fall 20123740
7/31/2012IAQ/IH Sampling WorkshopSharonville Crowne Plaza8740
3/10/2012Electrical InspectionsKREIA 3740
3/10/2012Electrical InspectionsKREIA 3740
3/10/2012Typical Structural Foundation ProblemsKREIA 3740
3/09/2012Mock Inspection AMKREIA 3740
3/09/2012Mock Inspection PMKREIA 3740
3/09/2012Air Conditioning & Heat Pump InspectionsKREIA 3740
2/20/2012Radon Measurement CourseFairfield Community Center16740
1/11/2012How to inspect for moisture intrusionAt Home Via Web8740
1/11/2012Attic, Insulation, Ventilation & InteriorAt Home Via Web14740
1/9/2012How to perform Energy AuditsAt Home Via Web24740
12/29/2011Thermal Imaging and Building ScienceOn Line Webinar16 740
10/1/2011What they didn t teach in home inspection schoolKREIA Frankfort KY3740
9/30/2011Ladder SafetyKREIA Frankfort KY2740
9/30/2011Mock Inspection AMKREIA Frankfort KY3740
9/30/2011Mock Inspection PMKREIA Frankfort KY3740
2/12/2011Hydronic Heating SystemFrankfort KY1740
2/12/2011Electrical Problems in Older HomesFrankfort KY2740
2/12/2011Home Inspector Standards of ConductFrankfort KY3740
2/11/2011Surface Water Control & Moisture IntrusionFrankfort KY3740
2/11/2011Report WritingFrankfort KY4740
11/09/2010Understanding Types of Foundation Movement and the EngineerCABR2740
10/23/2010Report WritingFrankfort Kentucky740
10/22/2010Crawl Space InspectionFrankfort KY 3740
10/22/2010Mock Insp. Field Training Modern HomeFrankfort Ky3740
10/22/2010Mock Insp. Field Training Older HomeFrankfort Ky3740
4/6/2010Radon Control Methods4740
3/6/2010Residential Plumbing InspectionsFrankfort Ky 2740
3/6/2010Water Heater InspectionsFrankfort Ky 2740
3/6/2010HVAC Air Conditioner & Heat Pumps Standards of PracticeFrankfort Ky 3740
3/5/2010Roofing Insulation – Standards of PracticeFrankfort Ky 2740
3/5/2010Specialty Roofing InspectionsFrankfort Ky 2740
3/5/2010Home Inspectors Standards of ConductFrankfort Ky 3740
3/4/2010Manufactured HousingFrankfort Ky 3740
3/4/2010Asphalt Roofing InspectionFrankfort Ky 4740
3/3/2010Radon – Train the Speaker12740
1/13/20102010 Recertification ConferenceDayton Convention Center5740
1/12/20102010 New Year New RulesReceptions Confrence Center North Boymel Road2740
1/12/2010Title InsuranceReceptions Confrence Center North Boymel Road1740
1/12/2010Title Avoiding Trouble in Real Estate TransactionsReceptions Confrence Center North Boymel Road3740
12/16/2003Home Inspection StrategyKings Island Inn3740
3/15/2003Ohio ASHI 8th Annual Spring ConfrenceRamada Plaza Hotel, 2900 Sinclair Rd. Columbus OH14740
2/28/2003Mold Seminar(Norwood Ohio)2740
2/27/2003Attic Ventilation(Holiday Inn Sharonville)2740
5/4/20027th Annual Spring ConferenceBest Wester, 888 E. Dublin-Granville Rd. Columbus, OHio14740
3/15/2002Ohio Chapter Spring SeminarUniversity Plaza Hotel Columbus, Ohio10740
1/17/2002WDI OPCA Training 12CU.C. Clermont Campus6.5740
11/7/2001OPCA Recertification traning SchoolClermont Camous of UC5740
5/24/2001Civil Rights4675 Cornell Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 452413740
5/24/2001Real Estate Core Law4675 Cornell Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 452413740
5/23/2001Real Estate Ethics4675 Cornell Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 452413740
5/23/2001Financing Rental Property4675 Cornell Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 452415740
5/22/2001Managing Rental Property4675 Cornell Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 452418740
5/21/2001Evaluating Rental Property4675 Cornell Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 452418740
5/5/2001Ohio ASHI Annual Confrence “Change Is In The WInd”Ramada Plaza Sinclair Rd. Columbus Ohio14740
5/5/2001Ohio ASHI Annual Confrence “Change Is In The WInd”Ramada Plaza Sinclair Rd. Columbus Ohio14740
3/30/2001OC-NAHI Spring SeminarColumbus Ohio8740
3/30/2001OC-NAHI Spring SeminarColumbus Ohio8740
9/21/1997Carbon Monoxide & Combustion Safety SeminarColumbus Ohio4740
11/1/1994Management Training Program Cincinnati Ohio40740

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